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Archívum November 2022

Neeva, the Google Killer (again)

2022-11-08 10:31 írta grin

Yet another "google killer" and "the next google" is starting. It called Neeva, and it claims that it is:

  • free
  • ad-free
  • private
  • customizable
  • can search personal accounts (mail, calendar, documents)
  • users can register for greatesterest experience

Without concentrating at how their search works (which would require some insight of their actual hardware and architecture) let me just concentrate on the first things first: their Terms of Service. Basically I am making notes to myself, but you may read them if you like.


Not really. If you choose the "Free" plan (or didn't register), then you get 50 searches per month ad-free, after that you get, guess what, advertisements.

Search personal accounts

Not really. It is "Pesonal account---", singular, since you can search one such accounts in the free plan.


Not really. You will notice that pretty fast when you try to use your third device… since one neeva account is limited to maximum 2 devices in the free plan.

Not USA? Go away.

Are you an US citizen? Your lucky day! But if you happen to live outside the US you better stay away from Neeva since you're "breaking the law"!

The ToS clearly states (section 4): You may use the Services only if you are 18 years or older, a resident of the United States, and capable of forming a binding contract with Neeva, and not otherwise barred from using the Services under applicable law.

Will it stay "free"?

It may. Or not. ToS says (section 6): Our Free Basic Tier Services are currently free to use


I guess that by registering you restrict yourself to the limits of the free plan, eg. ads after 50 search, limited to 2 devices, etc.


I may update this section if I had some time to dig up information.

Archívum November 2022


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