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John calling from +4324353222

2017-12-05 11:39 írta grin

RING RING +43 24353222

[really fast, american style english talking male, starts speaking immediately]

- Hello, this is John from G… S…. I'm calling you from this investment resources company, and we have a really good offer to you. How are you today?

- Hello John.

- How are you today?

- Oh I'm absolutely fine, up to the point of your call.

- Great! So let me describe our company for you. We are a global....

- Okay okay stop. Which company or institution you wanted to call? You know that I am involved in plenty of them.

- No it's you. And my offer is for you.

- Offer?

- I am talking about really good business, more than 35% returns, and it's just....

- Hold on. Please, stop. I'm not...

- I am sure you're really interested in my exceptional offer.

- Okay. Okay. So you called me as a person.

- Yes, to make you a personal offer.

- So, do you know me?

- Of course I do not know you.

- You know my name and my phone number.

- Yes, you're a famous person so…

- So you know what I'm doing?

- Erm… no…?

- I work, among other things with computer security. Spam, phishing, social engineering, you know those stuff. I get fantastic investment offers by the minute. Millions of dollars. Hundred thousand percent returns and free money. Love. Sex. Girls. Whatever I want, it's already been offered.

So, you see, I do not have the time right now to verify you, and your claim, and the reason is that I am not quite interested right now. To be honest, it's pretty boring.

And anyway... you know, I'm not a business person, I mean, I am a really bad business person. No, no, really. I am poor, I have a small dick, I have small tits, I have no relevant Nigerian dead relatives, no imaginary e-money, viagra, expensive watches, firearms, ...


John calling from +4324353222


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